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Brain Fitness



  •  Every 69 seconds someone is diagnosed with AD and the prevalence is 1/8
  • Brain Fitness training delays cognitive impairment and even Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Every 7 seconds a new case of dementia in the world
  • Stress kills neurons and reduces rate of creation
  • Emotional stress causes memory problems
  • 8 weeks of meditation training made changes in parts of the brain associated with memory

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        Explore Your Brain’s Most Important Functions.

        1.  Attention: Optimal attention skills open the door to top-notch performance in math, reading, and auditory and visual memory. They provide you with the basis for learning what to focus on and what to ignore, and they also coordinate the brain networks that involve sensation, movement, emotions, and thought.

        2.  General memory: General memory facilitates the formation, activation, and retention of neurological circuits that contribute to your brain’s optimal functioning. Memory is the veritable bedrock of superior brain health and serves as the basis of your personal identity.

        3.  Working memory: Working memory is linked with your IQ and is the first brain function to decline as you age. It is central to your ability to manipulate stored information and can easily be improved by practicing a series of simple exercises.

Brain Fitness promotes stronger memory and improves brain function through all ages.  Recent studies show that the brain constantly revises itself.  This new finding—that adult brains are malleable—has far-reaching implications for our understanding of brain fitness. We refer to this capacity for continuous physical, chemical and functional brain change as “brain plasticity” or “neuroplasticity.” (Michael Merzenich, PhD)

Scientists used to believe that the brain developed all of its major functionality—that is, the “wiring” of the brain that supports hearing, seeing, feeling, thinking, emotions and the control of movements—in early infancy. The “mature” brain was thought to be unchangeable, like a computer with all its wires permanently soldered together.

Our brains have the lifelong ability to adapt and build is termed “neuroplasticity”. The neural pathways, more like the information highways, are the foundation of our cognitive skills which determine how efficiently we are able to process information. Because the brain is always adapting and building, our ability to think, remember and learn is never static, it can always be upgraded and improved!

Ground breaking research in the area of neuroscience shows that regular brain fitness training can provides tremendous benefits to people of all ages, including those who are experiencing cognitive decline due to age, disease, trauma or chemotherapy. Neuroplasticity which enables the neurons (brain cells) to make new pathways with new learning and adaptive experiences. Biofit Health Center provides cutting edge technology and services to improve and maintain brain functions at all life stages. We offer a wide range of services for all age groups, for individuals or as a group.

Brain Training at Biofit includes Brain Fitness using computerized software program along with activities for coordination and balance for the age group who need it. The clinically proven, award-winning software helps you Think Faster, Focus Better, Remember More. The program helps to enhance the auditory system so you can think faster, focus better, and remember more; and sharpens your visual system to improve your ability to take in, react to, and remember what you see.

Highlights of the Biofit Health center’s program are:

  •  Encourages faster sound processing to help the brain respond to even the quickest speech.
  • Aims to improve the clarity of memory by sharpening the precision with which the brain processes sound.
  • Pushes the brain to remember information in order, which affects the ability to engage in and remember conversation.
  •  Works out working memory, the short-term memory that is critical in almost all cognitive tasks related to thinking.
  • Promotes stronger memory for details to strengthen communication abilities

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